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0x354 Server

1. Concurrency

This series look good

2. Frameworks

2.1. Node.js

Node.js is an runtime extending the V8 engine by adding more features (e.g: file system),

NPM is its package managing tools.

The basic commands are as follows:

npm init # initialize the repository, will create package.json and package_lock.json
npm install <package> # install the package into node_modules and update both package.json
npm install -g <package> # install globally
npm update <package> # updating the local package to most latest compatible versions
npm start # default command run the server.js if existed
npm run <command> # run the customized command defined in the "scripts"

2.2. webpack

resolve all dependencies in js and create a single bundled js file

2.3. Babel

According to the official site, Babel is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backwards compatible version of JavaScript. It can be tested online here The babel compilation takes three steps:

  • Build AST Tree: with babylon parser, jsx -> json tree, demo available here
  • Tree transformation: apply plugins + babel-traverse to transform trees
  • Code Generation: generate code with new tree

2.4. Django

2.4.1. Unit Test

create a file under each app dir, then run the following command test