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Xinjian Li

I am a 5-th year PhD student at the Language Technologies Institute of School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I am fortunate to be advised by Shinji Watanabe, Alan W Black, Florian Metze and David R. Mortensen. I am interested in language-related technologies in general, my current research interest is mainly low-resource/zero-resource speech recognition.

I am also working as a part-time student researcher doing speech-related projects at Google Brain.

Prior to CMU, I was working on Input Method Editors (IME) for East Asian languages (中文输入法日本語入力) on Windows platforms at Microsoft Japan as a full-time Software Engineer. Before that, I graduated from the University of Tokyo (理学部情報科学科、コンピュータ科学専攻) supervised by Aizawa Akiko.