This page contains my study note and wiki in different academic domains. Most of them are typically organized to follow structures of textbooks in each domain. I find it easier for me to learn and remember some new concepts when I summarized in this style. I share notes here in case it might be useful for other people.

The page is arranged from theoretical topics to practical topics (abstract to concrete). Lots of them are placeholders now.

Disclaimer: My main interests are in low resource speech recognition, so I am not experts on any of those following topics. These pages are study notes based on my personal understandings of those topics, and they might not be correct in some cases. Please contact me if you find any mistakes in the following pages.

0x0 Mathematics

0x00 Foundations

0x000 Set Theory 0x001 Topology

0x01 Algebra

0x010 Abstract Algebra 0x011 Linear Algebra

0x02 Analysis

0x020 Foundation 0x021 Complex Analysis 0x022 Real Analysis 0x023 Matrix Analysis 0x024 Vector Analysis

0x03 Geometry

0x030 Differential Geometry 

0x04 Applied

0x040 Probability 0x041 Stochastic 0x42 Cryptography

0x1 Natural Science

0x10 Atom

0x100 Standard Model 0x101 Quantum Mechanics

0x11 Classical Physics

0x110 Classical Mechanics 0x111 Electromagnetism 0x112 Thermodynamics 0x113 Statistical Mechanics

0x12 Chemistry

0x13 Biology

Genetics Molecular Cell

0x14 Earth Science


0x15 Astronomy

0x150 Introduction 0x151 Astrophysics 0x152 Observatory 0x153 Planet 0x154 Star 0x155 Galaxy 0x156 Cosmology

0x2 Engineering

0x20 Mechanical Engineering

0x200 Elements 0x201 Mechanism

0x21 Electronic Engineering

0x210 Signal Processing 0x211 Semiconductor 0x212 Analog Circuits 0x213 Digital Circuits 0x214 Integrated Circuit

0x22 Computer Engineering

0x220 Microarchitecture 0x221 Architecture 0x222 Computer Organization 0x224 Hypervisor

0x23 Quantum Engineering

0x3 Computer Science

0x30 Foundation

0x300 Computation 0x301 Complexity 0x302 Information Theory

0x31 Algorithm

0x310 Arithmetic 0x311 Search 0x312 Combinatorial 0x313 Sequence

0x32 Operating Systems

0x320 Foundation 0x321 OS Kernel 0x322 Linux Interface 0x323 Windows Interface

0x33 Execution

0x330 Compiler 0x331 Assembler 0x332 Debugger 0x333 Linker 0x334 Runtime 0x334 Shell

0x34 Languages

0x340 Foundation 0x341 C++ 0x342 Python 0x343 Java 0x344 JavaScript

0x35 Computing

0x350 Concurrent Computing 0x351 Distributed Systems 0x352 Distributed Applications

0x36 Network

0x360 Foundation 0x361 Security

0x37 Systems

0x370 Database 0x371 Browser

0x38 Software Engineering

0x380 Design Pattern

0x4 Artificial Intelligence

0x40 Statistics

0x400 Probability Distributions 0x401 Frequentist Inference 0x402 Bayesian Inference

0x41 Optimization

0x410 Linear Optimization 0x411 Convex Optimization

0x42 Machine Learning

0x420 Foundation 0x421 Supervised Machine Learning 0x422 Graphical Model 0x423 Unsupervised Machine Learning 0x423 Reinforcement Learning

0x43 Deep Learning

0x430 Foundation 0x431 Classification 0x432 Generative 0x433 Sequence 0x434 pytorch

0x44 Natural Language Processing

0x440 Foundation 0x441 Classification 0x442 Syntax 0x443 Semantic 0x444 Translation 0x445 Search Engine

0x45 Computer Vision

0x450 Preprocessing 0x451 Classification 0x452 Segmentation 0x453 Generation

0x46 Speech Processing

0x460 Speech Synthesis 0x461 Speech Recognition

0x5 Humanities

0x50 Philosophy

0x51 Linguistics

0x510 phonetics  0x511 phonology 0x512 morphology 0x513 syntax 0x514 semantics 0x515 historical linguistics

0x52 Natural Languages

0x6 Business

0x60 Accounting

Financial Accounting

0x61 Economics

Microeconomics Macroeconomics

0x62 Finance